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Dr. Lydia Seggev, a Clinical Psychologist, offers child therapy, individual therapy, and couples counseling. Available in-person or online.

Psychologist for Adults & Children

Clinical Psychologist in Long Island, NY

Individual Therapy

Dr. Seggev offers a safe space of understanding, support and encouragement. She will work with you to help you progress towards a happier relationship with yourself and others. Together with Dr. Seggev you will uncover the significance of your childhood experiences, environment, and worries to help you progress towards a happier relationship with yourself and others.

Child Therapy

Therapy for Children and Adolescents

Dr. Seggev has a play room dedicated to her younger patients. She uses play therapy to create a safe psychological space that encourages children to express their thoughts and feelings, develop problem-solving skills, and develop communication skills. This results in lasting resolutions through which even the most troubling problems can be overcome.

Couple Therapy

As a relationship expert, Dr. Seggev offers a safe space for couples to communicate and identify their problems while helping them explore their needs and desires within the context of their partnership. Through joint and individual sessions, Dr. Seggev helps couples ameliorate common obstacles and achieve a happy and balanced life together.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Dr. Seggev takes an active approach to psychotherapy by addressing individuals’ anxiety, fears, and obstacles in an empathetic and comfortable environment.


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Lydia Seggev, PhD

Psychologist Long Island

Dr. Lydia Seggev is a Clinical Psychologist who provides mental health services in Roslyn (Long Island, NY). She has experience working with people from all cultural and religious backgrounds and provides services for adults, children, couples, and families.

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